Best 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Cricket is a sport that Indians adore, and as a result, fantasy cricket apps have become extremely popular in India. You can stay in your comfort zone and play as much cricket as you want with these fantasy cricket apps. You don’t just have to play the game; you can also make money. That is even more justification for why these applications are exploding.

Pretty much every other day there is a new application on the lookout for dream cricket. The variety of Fantasy Cricket options is endless. The fact that you can test out these apps for a variety of sports, including World Cup Cricket, Twenty20 Match, IPL Fantasy League, Big Bash, and CPL 2020, is the best part.

How can I use it?

Do you believe you are equipped to win? With your knowledge of cricket and players, all you need to do is create a virtual team. Leagues can be joined once a team has been established. Alongside your insight into the game, you likewise need the abilities to foresee which players will perform against a specific group, on a specific pitch and so forth.

Because cricket is such a highly unpredictable sport, you’ll also need some luck in the end. It’s as simple as that: play and win money. The following are some of India’s top fantasy cricket apps:

1. Dream 11

Because it is the most dependable Fantasy cricket app, Dream 11 is one of the best. There are more than 2 crore players on this application itself. You can play cricket on the app and win cash prizes. It offers a variety of sports, as well as various challenges and formats.

Showing off your cricket or sportsmanship skills is all that matters. Creating the best team possible, participating in challenges, and competing for cash prizes of up to lakhs are all you need to accomplish this. You will need to enter the information for your PAN Card if you want to withdraw the funds to your bank account.

Dream 11


Ballebaazi is yet another well-liked fantasy app that you should absolutely give a shot. The application has an easy to use interface, best of all, it will assist you with getting the best gaming experience. Bowling Fantasy, Batting Fantasy, and Classic Fantasy are the three game modes.

The app includes everything you need to play cricket. A referral program and a 50-point bonus are also available.


MyTeam11 is a popular fantasy game that follows Dream11 in popularity. The fact that there are fewer teams or clubs in either app is the only difference. This basically means that single matches are more likely to go your way. There are a few leagues where players bet without money, and the best part is that they could win money.

They’re providing Rs. 100 bonus points for new players to use in paid leagues and win more cash prizes. You can play safe fantasy or regular fantasy. Play Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Football Kabaddi, and BasketBall are just a few of the sports available.



This is a brand-new app that lets you play fantasy cricket. Simply play the game, accumulate points, receive a real-money reward, and daily withdraw funds from your bank account. However, you will need to provide the details of your PAN Card.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 250. You can use your 250 joining bonus to play in paid leagues if you sign up now.



You can even create a team of 11 players for each match with My11Circle and compete against cricket teams to win real money. There is Rs. 500 bonus for new members, which can be used in featured leagues later. This app stands out from the competition thanks to its impressive club, team, and additional free matches features.


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