Difference Between Pubg and Free Fire

PUBG mobile was the very first game that provided gamers with what they needed, and new and improved games have always captivated gamers. Since its release in 2017, PUBG has become one of the most popular games worldwide. Garena Free Fire, the most formidable rival to PUBG, appeared on the scene quickly. Despite the fact that Free Fire provided gamers with arguably superior graphics and speed, the following are all the differences between PUBG and Free Fire.

Many of the major Battle Royale titles that followed have used PUBG as a model for their success, and it is widely acknowledged as one of the authoritative goliaths of the genre. Additionally, Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game, a genre that has captivated Indian gamers.

Comparison of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire Downloads PUBG

Mobile has more than 500 million downloads, with an additional 50 million for Battlegrounds Mobile India. On the other hand, Free Fire has more than one billion downloads on the Appstore and Google Play. The popularity of the two games is vastly different from one another. In addition, PUBG mobile has a significantly larger game size than Free Fire.

pubg vs freefire

Gameplay Modes PUBG

Mobile has more modes of play, including Payload 2.0, Power Armor mode, and others, while Free Fire only has a few less options (Rampage 2.0, Clash Squad).


PUBG Mobile has stunning graphics. It is claimed that PUBG was the first mobile game to feature realistic graphics. It supports 60-90FPS frame rates, has high contrast frames, and uses the Unreal Engine; which provides graphics that are very smooth and realistic. It only needs 2GB of memory and a reliable internet connection to run the game smoothly.

Then again, Free Fire can run even on low-end gadgets with next to no slack. It supports 60 frames per second and features vibrant frames but takes an arcade-style approach. Additionally, Free Fire’s control panel is user-friendly. Garena’s decision to prioritize speed over graphic quality resulted in a rise in adoption.


Free Fire offers numerous person choices to browse. The characters are both updated and added frequently. Additionally, it provides two free characters at the start of the game: Eve and Adam You can unlock the remaining content by spending diamonds, the game’s in-game currency. Each character has unique abilities that can be improved by using them more often.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile does not provide as many character customization options for Free Fire. However, character skins allow players to alter their appearance in the game.

Gameplay durations

Duration of the Game Both games have distinct gameplay durations. Free Fire rounds last for 20 minutes, whereas PUBG Mobile matches take at least 30 minutes to finish.

Game Battle Royale Mode

The game Battle Royale Mode Free Fire moves quickly. In this, a 50-player lobby attempts to survive on an isolated island on a smaller map. As a result, a new survivor emerges within 10 minutes of the play. Because the map is smaller, the match finishes earlier than it should.

PUBG Mobile’s Battle Royale mode is quite intriguing. The players must accept the drop, prepare themselves, and embark on the hunt. Out of 100 players, only one survives the classic battle and enters the game with a chicken dinner. Depending on the size, day/night cycles, terrain, and weather, the game offers numerous battlegrounds. In addition, it offers four maps: Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar.



In both games, players can choose from a variety of vehicle options. However, in contrast to Free Fire, which lets players choose between a car or a motorcycle, PUBG Mobile also offers boating as a mode of transportation and a substantial selection of vehicles.

Seamless Gaming

When loading errors occur during in-game processing, PUBG’s gameplay becomes sluggish. Because of its popularity and large number of players, it requires patience. Frame distortion is PUBG’s most serious issue. The game begins to slack after a few matches, which irritates players.

The frame performance and simple-to-understand interface of Free Fire ensure smooth gameplay. It has the advantage of becoming well-known among people who enjoy smooth games because it has limited players.


Both PUBG and Free Fire provide players with a diverse selection of weapons. Even though both use a few common weapons, the majority are different (SMGs, ARs, and shotguns). In Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, each gun has a unique weapon description and affectability on the ground.

The two games observe comparable guidelines: a group of people leaps from a plane into a battlefield and fights until the very end.

With PUBG feeling significantly more lifelike and Free Fire offering smoother gameplay and a superior gaming experience, each game has a distinct visual style and adds its own dash to the experience.

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