Free Fire Headshot Guide: Tips

The game Free Fire is extremely popular; presently played and adored by people of all ages. Its well-known cast of characters, pets, features, outfits, and cosmetics; make it famous among individuals. Headshot Kill is a skill that has become very popular in the game of skills and tactics, and everyone these days wants to be good at it. It enables the player to defeat their foes regardless of their weapon class or category. Want to know how to take the perfect Free Fire headshot? Peruse on!

How to get a perfect headshot in Free Fire

┬áIn this article, we’ll talk about how to get a good headshot in Free Fire. But in the end, it’s not just about the method or the advice. You must remain calm and relaxed while playing for a one-tap headshot. Nothing will work if you are impatient, distracted, or overly excited. Therefore, prior to beginning a new game, you should always remember to unwind and exhale deeply.

Perfect Headshot in FreeFire

Finger Layout

The skill’s preparation begins before you even step foot on the battlefield. In order to perform well in the game, Freefire provides players with the option to personalize their in-game controls. However, a lot of players say that you shouldn’t change the finger layouts whenever you want because it could get confusing. The key is to have a grasp on every one of the controls that ensure fast reflexes, regardless of the quantity of fingers you play with.


Is one of the most important aspects of a player’s headshot, so keep the Joystick button and the Fire button handy. This will make it easier to drag and tap on them. Y Increasing the general sensitivity to 85 and the Red dot sight sensitivity to 100 is the optimal sensitivity for achieving one-tap headshots. You can even test out optimized controls and settings at your discretion.

This is yet another crucial aspect that can assist the players in mastering the headshot skill. For a one-tap headshot, many players increase the general sensitivity and red dot sight sensitivity to 85 and 100, respectively. Make an effort to make settings and controls more user-friendly and understandable.

Crosshair position

To determine the percentage of in-game headshot kills; A player’s crosshair position is crucial. When shooting while roaming free or engaging an adversary, players should try to aim the crosshair slightly higher, toward the sky. The aim of this method is to automatically aim the crosshair down towards the enemy’s head when a shot is fired. You can take the best headshot possible.

FreeFire Headshots

“Practice makes perfect” headshot in Free Fire

In Free Fire, practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Try to practice a lot in the training room and training mode because doing so will help you always improve; when you actually play the game; your game play as a whole will change significantly. Practicing will also help you get a handle on good sensitivity settings, improve your aiming skills, and perform better in the game. Your moves will come to you automatically as reflexes if you practice enough.

Prone Up Headshot

The Prone up Headshot is a little challenging and only works with M1887 and Draganov. As the player detects the foe; aiming at the enemy’s leg while pressing the prone button. Additionally, you must tap the prone button and drag the fire button. It only takes 0.5 seconds to complete all of these controls. A lot of practice is required for the method.

Getting headshots in Free Discharge is definitely not a simple errand for most players. You can get a great headshot in a number of ways, including these. The only thing left for you to do is test these theories now that you know how to improve your aim and accuracy for quick headshots.

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