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We tell why you are not seeing the transaction history?

Uncontrolled execution of concurrent transactions in a multi-user environment can cause a variety of problems. Here are the three main issues and examples of how they can occur.

Top of Lost Update Page This issue occurs when the operations of two transactions that access the same data item are nested so that one transaction accesses the data before one transaction applies the update. In this simplified example, you can see that the operations are nested so that transaction 2 can access the data before transaction 1 reduces the sheet by one.

Reduce sheet by 2 Transaction 2 operation was overwritten and the available sheet values ​​are incorrect.

If you are facing any problem related to the transaction then we apologize to you for that. If you have a complaint related to the transaction history, if you are not getting your transaction history then what should you do next?

Important Points –

    1. After withdrawing from the app, you have to wait for 24 hours, only then you will see the transaction history.
    2. If you do not see the transaction history even after 24 hours of withdrawal, then you can contact us by visiting the contact page.
    3. Please note that if 20000 coins have not been collected in the app you use, you will not see the transaction history or also not done your withdrawal successfully.
    4. Withdrawal is required to create transaction history and to make withdrawal in our app you need to make 20,000 coins by playing the game.